Why The NHS And Postal Service Need An Update

  • Post by Mike Dixson
  • Jul 13, 2012


I have moved flat a fair few times in my life. No more than is reasonable but plenty enough to be sick of it.

Two Things Yes!

Two things have occurred to me of late.
Whilst making a request for a referral at the doctors I was told my present address was outside of the catchment area of my doctors, whom I’d registered with whilst at my previous place.
I could still make it to that doctor’s surgery just fine and didn’t cause them to run late by getting there late every time due to some arduous journey. So it was a bit irksome.
Further more I knew I was due to move in less than three months and I didn’t know where to, so any attempt to register at a new doctor’s surgery would be equally as invalid.

I am not a location

That I might need to set up a postal redirect also occurred to me. I have very little post coming to my flat presently so I could probably get away with just changing some addresses. However there’s always the chance I’d miss one.
I don’t know how long I’ll be at my next place of residence as I now know I’m staying with a work colleague for a while. After that, I’ll be moving again, my hope is that the move will be to somewhere I own and then I’ll be there for a long long time.
But I got to thinking that the postal system is hideously outdated. Why do I hand out an address of a physical location, rather than handing out an address relating to me and then registering a postal address with one central body whom would join the dots. Similar to DNS.
Google don’t hand out the ip address to their servers, they give us a friendly name to reach it by and it’s registered what ip address(es) that name related to.

Modern Living = Modern Solution

So I’d like to propose the above decoupling of physical location from person and also propose that doctors surgeries allow for a wider catchment area and if I can make it to a surgery under my own steam within an hour or so I should be allowed to not have to keep chopping and changing doctors.

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