This is the Future of Transport in London

  • Post by Mike Dixson
  • May 04, 2010

Gizmodo posted an interesting article today

This is very similar to a cycle system I was envisaging for London about 6 years ago except more techie. GPS wasn’t so prevalent when I was dreaming up my idea but both ideas contain the key factor. The fact that you can pick up a bike from one location and drop it off at another.

For years I travelled into work, the majority of my journey being on an overground rail line into London Bridge station and then I had to negotiate the shorter distance to Shoreditch. I looked into getting a folder bike at the time but I would have nowhere to store it at/near work.
As such I resorted to buses and tubes, much preferring to be above ground when possible, especially in summer.

More recently I live within walking distance of a tube line and have got rid of my car as driving across London was an unpredictable drain on time, any one incident on the way could add between 30 to 60 minutes on a journey. Many of the journeys I could get a tube, but many more I would happily have been able to cycle had I had anywhere to store my bike at the other end. London is addressing this with more and more cycle rack to lock your bike to, but when you want to be able to change plans at a moments notice, as is common in the thriving London you having the system that Trek is putting in place in Denver makes even more sense.

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