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Easy GPO Audit Using Powershell

After poking around the Group Policy Objects (GPO) of an infrastructure that was new to me I needed a decent way of producing a quick and useful report on the state of the GPOs.

Because the ComputerVersion and UserVersion numbers are listed as two figures, one for AD and one for Sysvol just an export-csv of get-gpo left me with blank ComputerVersion and UserVersion.

I found this post: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/551588-get-gpo-userversion-and-computerversion-troubles

By using the following powershell I was able to within minutes provide useful information on the state of the GPOs.

get-gpo -all | select Displayname,ID,Description,GPOStatus,CreationTime,ModificationTime,@{Label="ComputerVersion";Expression={$_.computer.dsversion}},@{Label="UserVersion";Expression={$_.user.dsversion}}| export-csv gpo-audit.csv

A small bit of conditional formatting later and we can see that the Domain GPO has a large amount of user setting edits and should be split into a user only GPO and a computer GPO (I won’t go into where these GPOs should be linked at this stage).
A snipping of an excel spreadsheet with colour coding providing meaning to the figures

Windows 8 Browsers in Modern UI aka Metro Mode

browser iconsSince getting my Nexus 10 I used my laptop less and less. It largely comes out for research activities which involve a lot of switching between apps or browser windows or typing heavy activities where a keyboard is preferable to a touch screen, and I don’t lose half the screen to the keyboard.

Metro, sorry, Modern UI

I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8 not long before getting my Nexus 10. I’ve got used to most things with the Modern UI and some apps being Desktop apps, however after change Google Chrome to launch in Metro/Modern UI mode I noticed that Internet Explorer was then opening on the desktop instead of in the Modern UI. I changed this back, but then Chrome opened in Desktop mode.
Seemingly the browser that is the default browser and opens http(s) links is the one that opens in the Modern UI.

Just One Browser?

I’m very surprised by Microsoft to be so small minded to think that users will only use one browser and so will be happy with just one opening in Modern UI. As someone who does some web design and troubleshooting of html and css I regularly use the main four browsers. I seems my choice to have all with the same experience is to set all to open in the desktop mode. Surely that’s not what Microsoft wants.