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Landscapify – Adjusting Portrait Photos for Landscape Frames

I’ve been making a lot more use of my digital photo frame since I moved into my flat but a fair few of the photos I want to make use of are portrait orientation whilst the majority are landscape.

For a load of photos I’ve gone thru them and manually made them landscape by using a method I noticed that You’ve Been Framed use when viewers send in mobile footage shot in the wrong orientation for tv. The technique is to enlarge a second copy of the image/video as a background layer to fit the width of the landscape orientation and blur the background.

I figured as I’d want to do this to a lot of images over time I’d make a script to do so. So using Photoshop’s Actions I’ve done so and thought I’d share it: Landscapify – Mike Dixson.atn Here’s how to load the actions into your Photoshop http://www.imphotography.com/downloads/installactions.htm


  1. Open Image
  2. In the Actions Window click on Landscapify
  3. Click the Play Icon >
  4. When prompted for the new canvas size enter the current width as the height and the current height as the width
  5. Click Ok (if prompted that clipping will occur click Ok to that too
  6. You’re done 🙂

Hope it’s useful to you.

HDR the next step

Today I made steps to further my playing with HDR. A little urbex jaunt so I thought I’d take my, much underused, tripod along. Using this I’ve been able to shoot 3-6 different exposure levels for shots.
This should give me a fantastic dynamic range which I think could lend itself to urbex well. The human eye can see such amazing contrast ratios technology has yet to come close in one shot, but hopefully I can bring the light to the shadows using this technique.

I’m not going to end up doing all shots in HDR, some shots I only took the one exposure level and others that I don’t think benefit from HDR I will select the best exposure level from the ones I shot and process it in Lightroom.

Additionally I shot a few photos on my phone just where there was no way for me to get the shot I wanted with my lens. I’ll add one to this post to give you an idea what we experienced.