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YAB – Yet Another Blog?

Hi all,

Well my personal home page has been something of a holding page for over a year now. A sort of Internet business card to point people to all the other places they can reach me.

I have a couple of blogs, I don’t post that frequently and they barely make a blip on the Internet, but I keep plodding away with them none the less. But they have a specific purpose. They are not me, about me, things I’ve been up to or anything like that. They are very specific.

So I’ve decided to take the plunge with using my Mike Dixson domain as a place to collate my public persona blogging. So here you might see personal blog posts, photo posts, links I want to share. Using www.ifttt.com I should be able to nicely pull content into here from other sources and colour it somewhat with more personal blog posts. Hopefully they’ll be of some use to someone. Who knows!!

Anyway, I’m still ironing out the kinks at the change in design so I’ll continue to crack on with that. For now please take a look at my About page and the social networking links at the bottom of the page.