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HDR the next step

Today I made steps to further my playing with HDR. A little urbex jaunt so I thought I’d take my, much underused, tripod along. Using this I’ve been able to shoot 3-6 different exposure levels for shots.
This should give me a fantastic dynamic range which I think could lend itself to urbex well. The human eye can see such amazing contrast ratios technology has yet to come close in one shot, but hopefully I can bring the light to the shadows using this technique.

I’m not going to end up doing all shots in HDR, some shots I only took the one exposure level and others that I don’t think benefit from HDR I will select the best exposure level from the ones I shot and process it in Lightroom.

Additionally I shot a few photos on my phone just where there was no way for me to get the shot I wanted with my lens. I’ll add one to this post to give you an idea what we experienced.