• Post by Mike Dixson
  • Jun 18, 2012

As the English nation, we are, by and large, a nation of complainers.
We complain it’s raining too much, we complain it’s too hot, we complain about taxes, we complain about government….in short… we complain.

This constant negativity can be overt or dangerously subtle. Sometimes a little quip, whilst on the surface is innocuous, can add a little more negativity to a comment than needed.
All this small negatives build up and can have a greater effect.

It’s important to feature some positiveness in your day too and to take stock of the good things too. Often these can be overlooked because they are actually part of the norm, or just because we don’t look at them.

For instance, on a day-to-day basis it can seem like you haven’t achieved much, but looking at the bigger picture, a week, a month, a year, you can see that actually you have made great progress, which should not be overlooked.
Maybe put a note in your diary to once a week look at just the positives, if you can’t find any within that week, look to that month, and if you can’t find any that month, look at the year.
You could also use this opportunity to make a note of some positive things you want to achieve in the coming week.

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