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Losing Weight Again


Losing Weight, It takes effort

So after my previous efforts to lose weight after the 14 Stone Wobble eventually fell by the wayside I’ve recently gone back up to 14 stone again and so I’m trying to lose weight.
Again the key here is sustainability. I want to lose weight and keep it off, and that can’t happen if I’m changing my lifestyle so significantly that it’s not my usual lifestyle. That being said of course changes have to be made otherwise I’d stay the same weight or gain weight.

One Calorie, Two Calorie, Three Calorie, Four

So the modification I’ve gone for is Calorie counting. At the end of the day if you are putting more Calories in than you are burning then you are going to put on weight. It’s that simple.
So with some calculations of my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and using the Harris Benedict Equation to multiply based on my activity level I now have a daily Calorie goal of 1780 Calories.
I’ve been working to this for about 6 weeks now and have gone from 14 Stone (90Kilos) to 13.5 Stone(85Kilos).

I bought a new belt not long after starting Calorie counting and I was just about on the holes for the large one. Now I’m on the lowest hole of the belt. I wish I’d taken more measurements to keep track of the physical representation of the weight coming off. I did take some photos so they’ll give some idea.

Making those Calories count

My goal is to get down to 11 Stone (70 Kilos). So I’m a quarter of the way there.
It’s not really taken a massive effort on my part. I gave up drinking cola at the beginning of the year anyway, so that’s made things easier other each bottle is the calorific equivalent of a decent snack wasted.
Counting calories has made me more aware of where the calories were creeping up on me. I no longer eat crisps with a sandwich, or have a side of chips with a hot sandwich in the local pub. The latter nearly doubles the Calories of the meal.

If I’m going to have a snack I want to calories to really count. So something filling but low calories is best.

I’m still affording myself some treats like chocolate, but it has to justify itself. If I’m feeling particularly hungry and only have 700 Calories left then I won’t eat chocolate as I know that it’ll be 230 odd Calories out of my dinner Calories.

Being more aware of what your eating, and calorific content alone is a good way to begin a weight loss programme. A friend of mine recently lost a fair bit of weight just by keeping a food diary for a week.

Hope some of this info is useful to others trying to lose weight at the moment.

Good luck!

I Fricking Love Coca Cola

I Fricking Love Coca Cola? Diet Update

I’ve managed to lose a bit of weight adjusting my diet as I said I would but it’s not being as easy as I had first felt.

I was ready to jump straight back into exercise, raring to go, but life doesn’t always work with your plans. A few unavoidable things have come up that have meant I’ve not always been able to cook for myself. However I have been making better choices largely.

Frugle = Not Fruity

One factor has made it hard to make as healthy choices as I’d like to though. Coca Cola’s evil work. I went to the cinema, as I don’t do it often so I decided a hot dog was an o.k. treat, not great, but o.k. as a treat. I just wanted a small drink of something healthy to wash it down with and drink thru the movie. However that was going to cost me a metric poop ton of money, but if I had a giant, and I mean as big as my head, cola, it would be cheaper.


I bit the bullet and went for the cola, resolute to only drink what I needed from it, as little as possible. So aside from when I had a choking fit in the cinema and had to clear my throat I barely drunk any of this monster drink.

Fruit juice company’s need to be slutty

If fruit juice companies start getting in bed with cinemas etc like Coke do then surely I could be drinking a lovely fruit juice or water or such, instead of this head sized carton of sugar?

Can we vote with our feet/mouths?

When the choices are weighted as such can we be expected to vote with our feet/mouths as to what we’d rather have. If the prices were equal I probably would have had just a water that day as I’d already had a couple of fruit juices. But when the cinema tickets cost so much and the other food products cost are upto 85% profit then every penny starts to count.

If I’m heading out to the cinema in the future I’ll be smuggling in a bottle of water. I this what it’s come to?

First wobbly steps

So since making my post 14 Stone Wobble I’ve been making the changes I said I would. So I have up’d my exercise amount, lowered the amount of food I’m eating, and I’m eating healthier foods.
It’s actually been pretty easy to make the changes. However what’s not been hard is being hungry all the time. The only time I’ve not been hungry is when I had a protein burst in the form of a turkey stir fry for dinner. Turkey being lower in fat than chicken. 🙂

Hopefully tomorrow will be easier as I cooked double the portions for dinner tonight and the other half is in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.

I won’t blog continually about weight loss and such but these first few steps/changes are the important ones so I feel it’s best to put something down about them.

14 Stone Wobble

Well I knew I’d put on some weight, but was shocked to see the scale telling me I was 14 Stone this morning.

So now it’s time to sort this out, and in a stable and maintainable way too. So firstly I’ll start with the easy kills. I drink a lot of cola, so I’m going to kill that completely. That’s one of the easiest ways for me to lose weight and fat so it’s a no brainer. I think the next thing to do is start food shopping better. It’s too easy to pick up things in the shop that you can just slam in the oven or microwave and then eat, but invariably they are not the healthy choices.
So I’m going to put a bit more mindfulness into my shopping. Stir fry isn’t a bad option, especially with the veg to meat ratio I cook it with, so I’ll buy plenty of ingredients for that. I’ll also look on for some recipes. As far as I know it can even make you your shopping list. So it should be another relatively easy to make healthy choice.

Next comes increasing my exercise. About a year ago I was hitting the gym around 6 times a week and loving it. I had a nice little set up where I could easily go to two different branches of a gym, one I preferred for the weights set up, but was farther away and so I’d cycle there for my warm up, and another that was close enough that I could go before work without being late.
I’ve changed flats and gyms since and I’ve not managed to fit the gym in so neatly and so it’s rather fallen by the wayside. So I need to think up the best way for me to start slipping in exercise into my daily routine easily first. Once I get back into my passion for it will take over and I’ll be exercising more easily.
This one is going to require some thought, but there are a few options. I still have my gym membership, and so just need to work out what evenings I head to the gym instead of home or elsewhere. I also can ride to work. I’ve not tried it from this current flat, so I will give that a go next week and see how that goes.

My will to cycle into work will be heavily affected by the weather, and so I can’t count on it as a form of regular exercise, just as a supplemental.

Let’s see how I get on.