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Raidmart NEVER delivered

Please be extremely wary of the company
My experience with them has been that I ordered a item from them, the money was taken immediately. Emails were sent confirming the item had been dispatched with a tracking link.

And that is ALL that ever happened. The item never arrived. The tracking link remains with the status “We’ve accepted your order, and we’re getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status.”
I’ve contacted the company numerous times, with no reply. I’ve followed their refund procedure, with no reply.

From my experience I believe this site is a scam.

Skype for Business Launch At Start Up Minimized Group Policy GPO

You think that having Skype launch minimized at start up would be an easy and well known Group Policy ADMX file or such… but no no no.
No easy life for you Mr Sysadmin.

Well for you yes, cause I’m writing how I managed to achieve it so you don’t have to bang your head against the desk too much.

Configures Skype’s Own AutoStart

This might be a bit belt and braces and the order 3 item below starts Skype4B on Windows start up already.

  • User Configuration
    • Preferences
      • Windows Settings
        • Registry
          • AutoOpenMainWindowOnStartUp (Order:1)
Key pathSoftware\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Lync
Value nameAutoOpenMainWindowWhenStartup
Value typeREG_DWORD
Value data0x0 (0)

All Common option set to No

Minimize Skype

  • User Configuration
    • Preferences
      • Windows Settings
        • Registry
          • MinimizeWindowToNotificationArea (Order: 2)
Key pathSoftware\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Lync
Value nameMinimizeWindowToNotificationArea
Value typeREG_DWORD
Value data0x1 (1)

Start Skype with Windows

Again this is a bit belt and braces, I’d go with this option over the first as the only method of starting Skype.

Also note that lync.exe is in the path, so the value data could just be lync/lync.exe so that the officeXX in the path doesn’t matter, for a bit of future proofing.

  • User Configuration
    • Preferences
      • Windows Settings
        • Registry
          • Lync (Order: 3)
          • Action: Replace
Key pathSoftware\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
Value nameLync
Value typeREG_SZ
Value data%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\lync.exe

This should then be applied to the OU that the users exist in and Domain Computers be given read access.

Dism.exe Cleaning Up Invalid Images

After finishing editing and wim image using dism I was being left with Windows still thinking the image was still mounted somehow and not able to remount the image file.
Thanks to a post here I finally managed to resolve the issue by deleting keys under “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WIMMount\mounted images\”

Next I just need to find how to be able to delete the folders ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\SystemData underneath the root of a mounted image after it’s been unmounted. Windows is locking them but there are no handles open to them

Linux CP Making a Backup of a file with a user defined suffix

I use this handy command so often that I’d forgotten to make a note of it here for everyone.

If you want to make a copy of a file with the same filename and a predetermined suffix of your choice then run this command replaceing the YYYYMMDD date with anything you want:

cp haproxy.cfg{,.20170209}

The above command copies haproxy.cfg into a file called haproxy.cfg.20170209
Anything after the comma can be changed as you wish.

Google+ For the Win!

Last month Google+ introduced Collections
A devilishly simple way to group your posts by topic.

When you create a Collection you set the audience, so you can have private collections for posts on a topic to share with a particular audience, or you can have public collections that anyone can follow.

This is a brilliant move on Google’s part. Users can follow topic from a user, rather than every little thing they posts. It’s so simple to share with a collection too, so it’s a win for those posting the content.

Another win is that posts by content are so reader friendly that the take up on followers is very good.

Google+ is becoming my favourite place to post stuff to now, and a great place for a Global community instead of just posting stuff amongst your friends and family. The Internet is the world, not just the people you already know.

I hope more and more of you come round to Google+, and if you don’t, well you’ll be missing out but you won’t be missed, there’s a whole world of people out there.