I am 37 years old and work as a Project Manager for Networking at for Ravensbourne College where I have worked with my team to design and deploy a brand new network for our new building on the Greenwich Peninsula. We continue to build upon this and develop new diverse IT services to facilitate the push to stay at the cutting edge of technology of Ravensbourne.
The network supports nearly 4000 users, including staff and students and supporting large events. The most recent large event was MozFest, a technology/maker festival run by Mozilla.


I sing and play guitar both in my band Morton’s Toe and solo under my own name.

Interested in design, psychology, sociology and the future of technology within people’s lives. Which I partly blog about at http://www.webheat.co.uk as well as here.

I’m passionate about photography some examples of my photos can be found on my Flickr feed..
As well as in my Publised Photos page

I produce a cygwin based OpenSSH Server for Windows (with client tools too) at http://sshwindows.webheat.co.uk this tool is now referenced in VMWare admin documentation produced by VMWare.

I’ve also appeared in the MacCleans TV ident after being approached quite randomly at an ice rink for my birthday one year.