Installing RSAT Tools with Powershell

After upgrading my work computer to Windows 1903 I lost some RSAT tools and wasn’t able to install them from the Manage Optional Features Setting panel. It turned out that as my work was using a WSUS Update Server the relevant files weren’t available to install.

This resulted in Error Code = 0x800f0954 when trying to using the Add-WindowsCapability cmdlet thru powershell.


Remove WSUS Config

Open Regedit and Remove


Restart WSUS

In Powershell run

Restart-Service -Name wuauserv -Force

Install All RSAT Tools

In Powershell run

Get-WindowsCapability -Name RSAT* -Online | Add-WindowsCapability -Online

Mike Frobbin’s website has been a godsend for me for finding out how to install RSAT Tools easily from Powershell

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