Weekend Project: Battery Powered Sonos Play:1

Following this video guide and the step up booster converter from ebay below I’m going to make a Sonos Play:1 battery powered so I can enjoy some lovely music on the balcony over the summer.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Project: Battery Powered Sonos Play:1

  1. Hi Jojje,

    The mod went perfectly in terms of tech. I was able to glue the stepper board inside to the main board, on top of a shielded part of the board, protected with insulating tape from that shield shorting the stepper board.

    I’ve not *quite* finished yet as I had a little trouble getting the power adapter port (http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/25-x-55mm-dc-chassis-socket-ft97f) in a good location.
    Once I finally did as I was reassembling I realised I’d forgotten that the first thing you take off as you take the Play1 apart, and so the last thing you put back on, is the bottom of the unit.
    So I need to redo my mounting of that power adapter port so it’s available thru that bottom plate.
    Just a matter of making the time to do so now.

    The reason I’m using this power port was that a USB port would be to big… though as I type this I’m wondering if I can get a micro usb port instead. 🙂

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