[Solved] Mac Right Click Print Selected Files

As someone who works in IT I don’t find the need to print very much nowadays, mostly just for some procedural things at work. So on a monthly basis I have the experience of selecting a bunch of files in Finder, right clicking and then wondering why the hell something as user friendly as a Mac not have a Print selected files context menu. So finally I bothered to find out how to do it, it’s so simple that I’ve no idea why Apple didn’t just include it.

  1. Open Automator
  2. From the menu of what type of document you want to make select Service
  3. Configure the options as below (click to enlarge):print selected items
  4. Save with the name you want to see the item listed as in the right click menu i.e. Print Selected Items

[Update] A Mac expert that I know has informed me you can always select the files and then hit command + p

1 thought on “[Solved] Mac Right Click Print Selected Files

  1. Thank you, fantastic info. I have been frustrated that this is not a default feature like in Windows, which I switched from 4 years ago.

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