SOLVED: Spotify desktop client communication failed

If you receive the message Spotify desktop client communication failed when trying to Login with Facebook to the Spotify app here’s why and how to fix it.


It was because I have 2 factor security turned on.


  1. Go to
  2. On the line App Passwords click Edit
  3. Click the Generate App Passwords link
  4. Click the Generate App Passwords button
  5. Enter a friendly name for what this is for i.e. Spotify
  6. Click Generate Password
  7. Copy the password in the normal spotify logon password box.
  8. enter your FB email address as the username.

84 thoughts on “SOLVED: Spotify desktop client communication failed

  1. For the one it is did not work with them, do not click on facebook icon, just insert your email that you used with to login in facebook in the username box and the password is the one you generated. 🙂

    Works ,, Thanks

  2. Unfortunately you have to do this now every time you shut down Spotify which really sucks!!!! Thanks for the fix though!

  3. Gracias! It was really freaking annoying and it didn’t tell you why. Thank you for sharing! 😀

  4. Hi Jaime,

    You should only have to do it once.
    Maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify. The Spotify app should be remembering your log on.


  5. Same problem here it says: Forbidden character in username: @. and if i try it on spotify itself its says ” the username or password is incorrect”

  6. Hi! When I tried to log in with the new password, it told me I had already registered a Spotify with that email. Please help!

  7. NOT Working for me 🙁 every time I press log in with Facebook it loads the page but says error 404 again even though I’ve tried the Facebook app password

  8. Sorry to hear that. Maybe try disabling and renabling two factor authentication.
    This seems to have worked reliably for a lot of people and myself now, so something must be different in your instance.

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