SOLVED: Spotify desktop client communication failed

If you receive the message Spotify desktop client communication failed when trying to Login with Facebook to the Spotify app here’s why and how to fix it.


It was because I have 2 factor security turned on.


  1. Go to
  2. On the line App Passwords click Edit
  3. Click the Generate App Passwords link
  4. Click the Generate App Passwords button
  5. Enter a friendly name for what this is for i.e. Spotify
  6. Click Generate Password
  7. Copy the password in the normal spotify logon password box.
  8. enter your FB email address as the username.

84 thoughts on “SOLVED: Spotify desktop client communication failed

  1. Neither it worked for me… Desktop client app (win7) just pretends to login and never succeeds. Via a web-browser, e.g. web-player login simply says “@” isn’t a proper symbol for a username 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear this isn’t working for all of you.
    With the webplayer you’ll need to enter your Spotify username, not email address.
    My instructions were for the downloadable player.

  3. for those who says its not working i think you missed some points, its works perfectly on me

  4. You sir, is a life saver!

    I’ve been having this problem of not being able to use my facebook account for spotify.

    This solved the problem!

  5. Hi JaneSixx,

    Just to be clear. This isn’t your *regular* FB password. This is a FB generated *app* password that FB will make if you have two factor authentication turned on.


  6. Thank you sooooo much! I tried to login to spotify for days and now I did it. Not to happy I needed facebook but hey I’ve got my music and playlists back. Thank you!

  7. It worked for me, but sadly it created a new account instead of use my old Spotify account where I have all my playlists…

  8. Ey, people! I Have the solution. I edit my configuration in the app of Spotify in my phone. I put there “Connect to facebook” and then I could change the option in the app on my PC . I couldn’t before that . The message “Spotify desktop client communication failed” kept popping. Sorry for my english. I hope work it for you as for me.

  9. Thank you so much Mile!
    Spotify Help is no help at all and absolutely useless. Been struggling for weeks to try and get this to work, especially as i am still paying for it.
    I then decided to do a Google search and there you were with a solution,
    Thanks again, Caroline

  10. It didn’t work for me. I did exactly what you said, and everything was ok. But when the app opened, and the green box asked me to do the samething, I puted the password generated from Facebook, and my fb e-mail address but said it was invalid.

  11. sadly doesn’t work for me. The Spotify App crashes as soon as I enter the app generated password 🙁

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