Can I Park On A Single Yellow Line?


I learnt this today, & thought it best to share it with all to help you avoid getting a parking ticket or your car towed as was experienced by my friend today:

“Single yellows indicate a restriction that applies for any period less than 24 hours. A time plate is needed to show the times of control unless the restriction is in a CPZ and the hours of operation coincide with the CPZ operating times.”

-Taken from Tower Hamlet’s Parking Policy.

For instance, the road near me has resident parking Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm. Whilst this is very clearly marked on the side of the road with the restriction the other side has no signage at all, just a single yellow line.

Be aware of the above and hopefully we can stop this ridiculous psuedo tax on parking in London!

Share this with everyone you know please.

2 thoughts on “Can I Park On A Single Yellow Line?

  1. Genuine question, but how did you only just learn this? It’s part of your driving theory and driving test. It’s not a psuedo tax.

  2. Hi Andy,

    This didn’t come up on either my theory or practical test.
    I can appreciate as part of being a road user I should be familiar with the Highway Code. However looking through the highway code yesterday, I could find nothing so explicit as the parking policy of the borough.
    I can’t believe that a road user should be expected to learn the parking policy of every borough they wish to park in ahead of schedule.

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