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Allowing Apple App Store Access Through a Firewall

If you allow port 80 and 443 access out of your network then accessing the Apple App Store from behind your firewall it’s a doddle.

However if you have a more locked down area of a network but have iPads etc that need App Store access here’s what you need to allow port 80 and 443 access to: Apple's Class B Subnet includes address(es) Akamai Technologies CDN

I appreciate this is a bit of a wide range of addresses, but unless you want to be having to packet capture and analyze where the App store is heading too that week it’s a reasonable. I doubt anyone would give up a class B IPv4 range nowadays.

Hope that helps some of you out!

2 thoughts on “Allowing Apple App Store Access Through a Firewall

  1. Hi Mike,
    Our college uses cyberoam but proxifier usually does the trick with the websites. However, i have been trying to access itunes store through itunes, it says that the website it blocked, but the very same website is working on chrome. (proxifier is running in the background and i have added itunes to the applications list).

    Can you help?

  2. Hi Shreya,
    You’d need to access the ip ranges thru proxifier too possibly. I’ve not used proxifier myself.
    It shouldn’t be an issue for your college to open up http access to the ip addresses in this post. It’d be worth asking them.


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